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National Insurance Refund for the Employed

To find out more about National Insurance refunds for the employed please follow the links below:

* Can I get a NI refund if I have paid too much National Insurance?

* Why would I be due a National Insurance Refund?

Can I get a NI refund if I have paid too much National Insurance?

There are different circumstances that can result in you being entitled to an NI refund. You can usually obtain a refund if you have overpaid National Insurance, although time limits often apply. In most cases there is no time limit for claiming a National Insurance refund for example if you had more than one job. However, if you have been self employed and have overpaid Class 2 NI contributions you can usually only receive a refund if you make your claim before the end of the following tax year.

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Why would I be due a National Insurance Refund?

There are several reasons why you might have paid too much National Insurance, depending on your circumstances.

For example…

  1. You are missing NI years due to your account not being credited by HMRC
  2. You have left the UK and meet specific criteria
  3. If you are working but you are over state pension age, you may be overpaying Class 1 National Insurance
  4. You had combined earnings of more than £817 per week and had more than one job in the 2012/2013 tax year
  5. Opting out of the state pension scheme

It is important to make sure that you have paid the correct amount of National Insurance and that your National Insurance contributions record is up to date.

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