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VAT Refund for Business

If your business is registered for VAT, you can claim VAT back on most purchases that you make for work purposes. You need to keep the invoices and receipts for all purchases, and the invoices must come from a business that is registered for VAT.

When you submit your VAT return, you should include your claim for VAT back. HMRC will check this claim, and will usually respond within 30 days.

  1. If your business supplies only VAT-exempt goods or services, you cannot usually claim back VAT. If some of your products are VAT-exempt, you may only be eligible for part of your VAT back.
  2. If you operate a business based overseas, and you are making purchases on UK goods for business purposes, you can only apply for a VAT refund on goods worth less than £600. This only applies if you are not VAT-registered in the UK, and you do not make or sell goods or services here (unless VAT has already been paid by someone else on the materials you use in your UK manufacturing). If you operate a business overseas you can usually claim back VAT on hotel rooms, travels costs and meals bought in the UK, provided these are for your own personal use. In these cases you need to complete a VAT65a form (available from HMRC).

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